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A property survey solution for brokers

Online based surveys

Complete your report on the spot via mobile or tablet.

Immediate Reporting

Once the survey is complete, access the report instantly.

User friendly application

iSurveyRisk™ is built based on the needs and wants of brokers.

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What is iSurveyRisk™?

What we do

iSurveyRisk™ enhances your client centric approach to risk

Improving a business's “risk score” can help your clients achieve greater exposure accuracy so you can negotiate fairer premiums.

What makes us different?

Improved efficiency when identifying and reporting property risks

iSurveyRisk™ gives you the ability to conduct short, on-site property surveys via tablet, mobile or laptop. Then give your client an on-the-spot assessment of their key property exposures.

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For small teams

Per year
25 surveys
$150 per survey
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For small teams

Per year
50 surveys
$135 per survey
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For small teams

Per year
75 surveys
$125 per survey
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For small teams

Per year
100 surveys
$110 per survey
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. iSurveyRisk™ is designed to allow brokers to generate a short form property survey report on behalf of their clients, without the need to engage with a property risk engineer. Brokers can generate a high-level property survey report. This includes details on the following categories:

  • Occupancy
  • Construction
  • External Exposures
  • Site Hazards
  • Common Hazards
  • Fire Protection
  • Water Supple & Hydrants
  • Fire Detection Systems and Supervision
  • Electronic & Physical Security
  • Management Procedures & Controls
  • Site Perils
  • NatCat exposures, with input from Munich Re data

A property survey report starts at A$150 per survey, which can be bought in packages to suit your brokerages portfolio. Please see pricing plans for further details.

Yes. All property survey reports generated from iSurveyRisk™ are customisable, allowing the broker to add in their brokerage logo, colours and contact details. How much does a property survey report cost from iSurveyRisk?

  1. Brokers can efficiently complete and generate property risk survey reports for clients.
  2. Each report follows a consistent structure, built in calculations and set of questions to ensure each property survey report results are detailed accurate.
  3. The interactive map view allows brokers to easily and quickly identify where property risk survey reports have already been generated, and where opportunities for potential client surveys may be required.
  4. Risk score and NatCat data for each property risk location and survey allow brokers to effectively compare client property using reliable metrics.